We no longer print a paper copy of the catalog. The on-line version of the Policies and Procedures site is updated frequently and is more current than the printed version.

 Contact the specific graduate group for further information on the admissions process in that group. Very few graduate groups accept applications until July 15 since most departments make admission decisions before April 15th. Applicants are advised to apply by the December 15th deadline for consideration.

There are several programs that no longer require GRE scores.  Please check the individual program website for details.  If they are required, the scores should be sent to the Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences office electronically through ETS. The school code is 2926. GRE scores are valid for 5 years and TOEFL scores for 2 years. Some groups will accept IELTS, GMAT and LSAT score results in lieu of the GRE and TOEFL. The Graduate Division cannot receive these scores electronically. An official copy of these results should be mailed to the Office of the Graduate Division.

In payment of the application fee, applicants should use a credit card.  All major cards are accepted. See the payment page of the on-line application for further details.

Upon your admission, you will receive an electronic letter from the Graduate Division office. Within the electronic letter, there is a link to access the enrollment form. Once you complete this form, your information will be collected and sent to the International Student and Scholar Services on-line database. Records are not sent one by one, but in a group.  When the information has been received by ISSS,  they will send you an email that will provide all necessary information on how to obtain a visa; if you do not receive a response an email within a reasonable amount of time, please contact this office. When you have accepted the offer, your response is sent through the University system and you will be sent a message with your Penn ID.  This number will be needed to begin the visa process.

To review the University's most recent annual report containing this information, please go to the current brochure. You may request a paper copy of the report by calling the Division of Public Safety at 215.898.4482.

Congratulations! You will be sent an email that a decision has been reached. Sign into your application portal and click on the 'decision has been made' link. You will be taken to an electronic version of your admit letter. Click on the link embedded in the letter to record your decision. If you accept the offer, you will be required to pay an enrollment fee, by credit card.  You must also send an official copy of your final transcript to this office.  After you decide to accept the offer, visit the following site for a Checklist of things to do before your arrival 

 "Penn provides me opportunities to not only conduct cutting-edge research in the physics of materials, but also practice explaining it to a wide variety of audiences.”

Steven Gassner,
Ph.D. Student in Physics & Astronomy